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Providing Service as a Service (SaaS) since 1992

About us

Zero Knowledge Consulting Group designs, implements, and operates data processing systems for various customers. Since its establishment in 1992 the company has devoted itself to networked computing in the world and beyond.

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Our customers say

My partner of trust; price and performance are perfect!

Detlef K., InfiniDim Enterprises


The Lindner Machine” believe me, it’s incredible, the best, really, is now delivering absolutely phenomenal support, the likes of which you’ve never seen before, in addressing this climate crisis. It’s fantastic, truly.”

Die Zero Knowledge Consulting Group ist hoch erfreut, mitteilen zu können, dass – in Zeiten einer weltweiten Pandemie, in der bei steigenden Infektionszahlen über Öffnungen von Friseursalons diskutiert wird und die Hoffnung aller auf dem Einsatz einer privatwirtschaftlich organisierten technischen Lösung, die von einem unbekannten Rapper(?) beworben wird (Bibb!Bibb! Bibb!Bibb! Poff! Peng! Beep, Beep, Piep, Piep, Piep, Pöh. Bööp. Positiv.), ruhen – die Lindnermaschine nun auch Unterstützung für Pandemien bietet!

The German Engineering Group has finished the future production of “The Lindner Machine”. Currently only available in Germany.

Important note: Contrary to other reports, Mr. Trump has not yet made a decision to start as a consultant at the Zero Knowledge Consulting Group after November 4th. Of course, he would add to our collection of stable geniuses.

Zero Cyber Security is here to make this world a better place. Finally there can be 100% security!

We are proud to present: Universe as a Service. Now everyone can have its own Universe within a few minutes.

Service as a Service: makes our Service your Service.